In a collaborative divorce couples commit to work together to make custody, visitation and financial decisions that serve the best interests of all family members, including the children.


Each spouse enlists their own attorney, and all four participants agree in writing that they will not take the case to court. If the parties are not able to settle their differences, both lawyers must withdraw from any further representation of these clients.

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At such an emotionally challenging phase of life, it’s in your best interest to keep the divorce process as smooth and amicable as possible. If there are children involved, it is worth any amount of self-sacrifice to spare them additional pain.


Fortunately, there are options designed to help families resolve divorce issues in a way that better serves the futures of everyone. With both mediation and collaborative divorce, the parties involved have control of the process, not the lawyers, courts, or legal system.

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In the area of Family Law, Lynn has a special desire to help families with children who have special needs. As a mediator for a couple with a special needs child, an attorney representing one of the parents in the collaborative divorce process, a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to represent the interests of a special needs child in court, or as a parent coordinator for parents with a special needs child, Lynn has the training and experience to offer help.

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